Warzone 2 | Permanent UAV Tool [PC]

Warzone 2 | Permanent UAV Tool [PC]

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The original permanent UAV™ for Modern Warfare

We offer a UAV that extends the normal radar in MW2 and WZ2. You don't know where the opponents are but want to farm kills? Or you want to know where the best position is in the end zone? Then grab our UAV extender and know exactly where to go. See more than your enemy!

For WZ2 and MW2

Benefits of the Permanent UAV Tool for WZ2?

  • GET BETTER - Warzone 2 is even more sweaty than WZ. You want to improve your performance and increase your K/D. Then it might help if you have a UAV on permanently and you can locate the opponents. Whether you want to push to get kills or you want to know where you should go to avoid crowds.
  • BETTER THAN NORMAL UAV - Our permanent UAV Tool is not only like a normal UAV, it also detects all ghosted players on the map. Regardless of the situation, whether pushing or fleeing, the UAV will always help you. Quite apart from the fact that it takes a long time to collect so much money.
  • BETTER THAN WALLHACKS - You can't be banned by the anti cheat for our UAV Tool because it's not injected into the game. It's also not noticeable because a UAV is legal. Your teammates or enemies don't even notice that you have a drone on all the time. Use the radar, but stay under the radar.
  • SPOOFER COMPATIBILITY - Our permanent UAV tool can be used with any spoofer or other cheats. You can also use the UAV tool with the unlock all tool so you can enjoy the full program from us. As well with our brand new Spoofer which is also available in a monthly bundle.
  • AUTOMATIC AND FREE UPDATES - With every new update from Activision you also get a free and automatic update of the UAV tool. This makes the tool even more safe. The updates are automatically installed after the update, so you do not need to wait - we are online 24/7.

Product description:

Both options have the following benefits:
  • ✅ Works like unlimited UAVs
  • ✅ You can see all ghosted players
  • ✅ Works for the mini map
  • ✅ Works for the big map
  • ✅ Can be switched off at any time
  • ✅ Can be used with different accounts
  • ✅ Works for Warzone and the Multiplayer

How it works:

After your purchase you will receive the tool as well as a guide with which you can easily use the tool. Should you still have any questions, you can look them up under FAQ or contact our support. All you have to do to use the tool is to follow these steps:
  • 1️⃣ Start the permanent UAV Tool for WZ2
  • 2️⃣ Enter your personal activation key
  • 3️⃣ Start the game
  • 4️⃣ F2 - activate the permanent UAV
  • 7️⃣ Close the game - turn off the UAV Tool completely

We highly recommend you to use a spoofer (Spoofer - a program that resets all your PC's IDs to random values and the game client sees your PC as brand new when the game starts). Even if you haven't had shadow or perm bans before, especially if you want to use the UAV on multiple accounts - any spoofer that works 100% is guaranteed to reduce the chance of getting any random shadow bans (ping 350ms for 5-7 days) or perma banned.


  • 💽 Permanent UAV for WZ2
  • 🔑 Personal activation key
  • 📒 Instruction guide with all information on installation and usage



  • The keys are HWID locked, but not locked to any accounts. That means you can use your key with different accounts, but only on the same PC.
  • The tool only works in MW2 Multiplayer and WZ2.


Supported Launcher: Battle.net and Steam
Windows: 10 & 11
(Windows 11 22h2 and Insider Preview (Dev) Builds and Win Server are not supported)
Processors: Intel & AMD


  • We are not responsible should your account be blocked. Using tools is at your own risk. Follow all instructions to keep the risk low.
  • We don't take back keys that have been already used. Activated licenses cannot be exchanged by law.


  • Buy 2 or more keys and get a 20% discount on your order. Simply add it to the shopping cart, the rest will happen automatically.
  • Also have a look at our discord server. From time to time you can find different offers there. Or watch out for the offer banner at the top.
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