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MW & Warzone 1 | UNLOCK ALL TOOL [PC]
MW & Warzone 1 | UNLOCK ALL TOOL [PC]

MW & Warzone 1 | UNLOCK ALL TOOL [PC]

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The original unlock all tool™ for Modern Warfare

Since Oct. 2020 we are online with our unlock all tool™. We sold over 30.000+ keys and are therefore the #1 unlock tool for MW and WZ.
The tool allows you to unlock everything and so you can play with every weapon, camo, operator, watch, calling card, emblem, vehicle skin and everything else you could select. We have different versions for the different games.

And of course we are now also available for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. All our tools are undetected so you cannot be recognized by the anti cheat system and you are free to play any item you want.

For WZ and MW 2019

You can find the new version for MW3 and the latest Warzone here

Why unlock all?

  • WEAPON CAMOS - You get all weapons from MW, CW and VG unlocked and you can also use all attachments. So you are always prepared for the latest meta and do not have to unlock new weapons. Do the most damage straight away and control your weapon with the least amount of recoil. Get equipped!
  • CAMO SWAP - With our NEW feature you can swap all the camos from different CoDs. So for example, you can have Atomic Camo on a CW gun. Or Dark Aether / Dark Matter on MW gun, like the Kilo. Have something special!
  • BUNDLES ARE TOO EXPENSIVE - Until now, the bundles were only available in the activision store, but they are extremely expensive there. A weapon with a few accessories usually costs a lot. With the tool you can get all of this at once and much cheaper. The value of the tool increases with every new bundle.
  • DON'T SACRIFICE YOUR TIME TO GRIND - After leveling the weapons to unlock the attachments, you need to grind weeks for the camouflages. Save yourself the time and unlock all camouflages right away. Buy now and look like the hardest sweater in WZ within minutes!
  • AUTOMATIC AND FREE UPDATES - With every new update from activision you also get a free and automatic update of the UnlockAll Tool. Be the first to play new weapons at max level and use the full potential of new content. You won't miss any content!

Product description:

  • ✅ All MW, CW & VG weapons
  • ✅ All MW, CW & VG attachments
  • ✅ All MW, CW & VG camos
  • ✅ All blueprints
  • ✅ All operators
  • ✅ All reticles
  • ✅ All calling cards
  • ✅ All emblems
  • ✅ All charms
  • ✅ All stickers
  • ✅ All watches
  • ✅ All sprays & gestures
  • ✅ All vehicle skins
  • ✅ All war tracks
  • ✅ All horns



How it works:

After your purchase you will receive the tool as well as a guide with which you can easily use the tool. Should you still have any questions, you can look them up under FAQ or contact our support. All you have to do to use the tool is to follow these steps:
  • 1️⃣ Start the Warzone | UnlockAll Tool
  • 2️⃣ Start the game
  • 3️⃣ Open the tool as administrator
  • 4️⃣ Enter your personal activation key
  • 5️⃣ Press F2 or F3 in the main menu
  • 6️⃣ Another window will pop up
  • 7️⃣ You can choose between weapons or all the other stuff like operators
  • 8️⃣ Now you can choose anything you want ingame
  • 9️⃣ The tool closes automatically

You can find detailed information in the guide.


  • 💽 Warzone | UnlockAll Tool
  • 💽 Warzone | Reverse Tool
  • 🔑 Personal activation key
  • 📒 Instruction guide with all information on installation and usage



  • Your authentication key will be linked to your activision ID when you start the tool for the first time. So you can't use the same key for multiple accounts.
  • Do not use the tool on new accounts. The account should have reached a certain level. Fresh accounts cannot normally configure a loadout at all.
  • From level 55 the risk is very low. From lvl 20 you can usually use the tool, but the danger is higher. To be safe, play a little with your account beforehand.
  • The tool only works in Warzone but not in the Multiplayer. But all the weapons etc. from the different games are unlocked in WZ as well.


Windows: 10 & 11
Processors: Intel & AMD
Windows security must be turned off


  • We are not responsible should your account be blocked. Using the tools is at your own risk. Follow all instructions to keep the risk as low as possible
  • We don't take back keys that have been bought, as they could be used by you and assigned to your activision ID. This makes them unusable for others.


  • Buy 2 or more keys and get a 20% discount on your order. Simply add it to the shopping cart, the rest will happen automatically. So, get your people!
  • Also have a look at our discord server. From time to time you can find different offers there. Or watch out for the offer banner at the top of this website.
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